Somers Orthopaedic Surgery and Sports Medicine Group Upgrade to Surgimate ESRM

Sari Nossbaum | June 8, 2010

SOMERS, NY – JUNE 8, 2010 – Surgimate, the market leader in surgical management solutions, successfully upgraded Somers Orthopaedic Group from Surgimate Express™ to the Surgimate Electronic Surgical Record Management (ESRM™) application.


“We decided to upgrade because ESRM has many powerful tools that Express does not have,” said Betty Lander, Practice Manager at Somers Orthopaedic Group. “We also wanted to be able to integrate our EMR system, and remove that extra step of work. Surgimate seamlessly integrates with SRSsoft and accomplishes tasks that our EMR cannot.”


The release of Surgimate ESRM in 2009 signified a major change in the Surgimate customer offering. “The Express product provided customers the industry leading solution for surgical form generation. However, ESRM is a comprehensive surgical coordination platform, designed to meet all the needs of the surgical practice,” explained Rebecca Brygel of Surgimate. “It offers a powerful searching engine, a dedicated surgical calendar, improved speed and performance, and a variety of reporting features.”


With thirteen providers, four office locations, and two operating hospitals, ESRM’s reporting features help Somers better manage and streamline the coordination of over 250 surgeries per month.


“Using ESRM, we can now run a search on all patients in the system that are yet to have their insurance verified,” explained Kerry Finney, Surgical Coordinator.


The surgical calendar, exclusive to ESRM, is another feature that facilitates the booking process, and provides a visual depiction of the surgical schedule for the entire practice. All scheduling changes made by coordinators are automatically synchronized with the surgeons’ schedules. “Knowing what their schedules look like on any particular day is a great benefit to the surgeons,” said Finney.


Customers benefit from the improved speed, scalability and performance of Surgimate ESRM, which is essential in a multi-user and multi-location environment. For Lander, this is crucial for her practice. “Everyone can access surgery information within seconds,” she said. “Our managerial staff can track surgical bookings, and our billing staff can obtain relevant data with ease.”


“We are all very happy with our decision to upgrade to ESRM,” concluded Lander, “It will undoubtedly allow our practice to grow and expand without needing to hire additional support staff.”


About Somers Orthopaedic Surgery & Sports Medicine Group


Based in upper Westchester Putnam county in New York, The Somers Orthopaedic Surgery and Sports Medicine Group is a large practice comprised of Thirteen physican/ Surgeons – all board certified, five Physician Assistants, and four Physical Therapists. They perform all types of arthroscopic surgery, ACL reconstruction, minimally invasive joint replacement, revision joint replacement, sports care, spine surgery, fracture care, hand, ankle, and foot surgery. For more information, visit


About Surgimate


Surgimate is the market leader in surgical management solutions. Developed to cater to the unique needs of surgical practices, Surgimate has been streamlining surgical practices in the United States for over 10 years. Established orthopaedic groups like Somers Orthopaedic Surgery and Sports Medicine Group choose Surgimate because its software helps increase productivity, and manage their processes more efficiently and effectively.


For more information, visit, e-mail, or call (212) 923-5225.

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