"Surgimate is incredible! We’ve eliminated all handwritten forms, and our paperwork looks so professional now."

Paul Babineau

Clinical Services Manager

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Lisa Jackson

Lead Surgical Scheduler

"I knew there had to be a better way of doing things. Surgimate was the ultimate solution for us and addressed all our scheduling needs."

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West Springfield, MA

4 surgeons




After attempting to build their own platform to manage the scheduling process, the staff were still not satisfied as it was not capable of managing all their unique tasks. Then, they discovered Surgimate. Now all of their paperwork is automated and every step of their scheduling process is managed electronically. Schedulers can instantly access surgical information from any of their six office locations, and all staff follow one cohesive workflow.



Reduced scheduling time by 50%


Integrated all demographic, insurance and appointment data seamlessly

Eliminated all manual paperwork

Added two high-volume surgeons in the past 3 years

The staff at Eye & Lasik Center struggled with a paper-driven scheduling workflow. Forms were filled out by hand, then faxed to the surgery centers, and then manually scanned to be uploaded into their PM system. Surgical paperwork and files were physically carried between offices, and information could not be accessed unless the schedulers had brought the paper files with them that day. Added to this, each scheduler had a different system for completing bookings, so it was difficult for staff to cover for one another. They found their PM system inadequate for their scheduling needs, and desperately sought out a better way of managing their scheduling workflow.

Connected surgeons to their schedule via Surgimate App

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