The Surgimate story

One entrepreneur’s quest to
transform an industry
Rebecca Brygel | founder

How we came to be
The aha! moment

Rebecca Brygel is working at an EHR company in New York. She’s shocked to find that there is no product handling surgical scheduling. An incurable problem solver, Rebecca builds a tool customized for orthopaedic practices.

Surgimate is born

By 2010, it’s time to scale-up. Rebecca is joined by Justin Rockman, and recruits a full-time team to form Surgimate. Together they launch the first solution dedicated to managing the surgical scheduling workflow. Over time, the company grows to support +700 surgeons.

Going mobile

In 2015, Surgimate App is launched. It’s the first native mobile application that gives surgeons access to their schedules on-demand – streamlining communication with back-office staff, reducing add-on code denials, and enabling surgeons to deliver better follow-up care.

A system of record

Surgimate is evolving from an in-practice application to a cloud-based platform. The new SAAS application connects all stakeholders involved in the surgical event – recording, tracking, managing, and delivering critical surgical information to every party involved.

Surgimate enabled our practice to increase efficiency and schedule surgeries faster.
Dr. Mark W. Galland | Orthopaedic Surgeon
Orthopaedic Specialists of North Carolina
Raleigh, NC
Looking forward

We aim to become the system of record for surgical events.

As surgeries become more complex to manage across multiple stakeholders – equipment vendors, ASCs, hospitals, insurance companies, referring physicians and patients, – there is a growing need for a single hub of collaboration. The model is based on the success of systems of record in other verticals – such as Salesforce for sales, Hubspot for marketing, Slack for team communications.

In 2016, we began development of this future platform, aiming to launch the first SaaS application to healthcare providers in 2017.

An action-oriented company
We are proud of our company’s open culture, one where everyone rolls up their sleeves and does what needs doing. We’re a hands-on team that loves to get out of the office and into the trenches with the managers, surgeons and schedulers we serve.
2440 Broadway, Suite 124 New York, NY 10024
Phone. (212) 923-5225
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