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Reduced surgery scheduling costs by 22% within a year of implementing Surgimate

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The Center for Advanced Orthopedics

One hundred and sixty physician group streamlines surgical care coordination

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Expedited booking and increased accuracy by 30%

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Streamlined surgery scheduling from 5 systems to 2

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Augusta-Aiken Orthopedic Specialists

Reduced cancellations due to better tracking

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Advanced Orthopedics of Oklahoma

Reduced surgical coordinators' overtime by 24%

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Connecticut Orthopaedic Specialists

Surgeons can access their schedules 24/7

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First Settlement Orthopaedics

Electronic tracking ensures no cases fall through the cracks

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ORA Orthopedics

Immediate ROI after implementation

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Significantly increased the number of WC reimbursements

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Orthopedic Partners

Rescheduling or changes take seconds

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Orthopedic Specialists of North Carolina

Grew surgical volume by 24% in one year

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Added two surgeons without hiring extra staff

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The Center for Bone and Joint Disease

One surgical calendar shared across the entire practice

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University Orthopedics Center

Added two surgeons without hiring extra staff

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Trusted by surgical businesses nationwide

Surgimate Practice is the best software KOC has ever invested in. We are thrilled with the Surgimate platform, customer support, and the wonderful partnership we have built with Surgimate.

Vanessa Draper
Practice Director, Knoxville Orthopedic Clinic

Surgimate Practice has drastically increased our efficiency and enabled us to provide outstanding patient care.

Juli Donohue
Clinical Manager, South Bend Orthopaedics

Our continued growth necessitated a platform that would help us scale our surgical services organization. The Surgimate platform has proven its ability to deliver great efficiency and standardize data sets to CAO.

Richard Robinson
Chief Operating Officer, The Centers for Advanced Orthopaedics

The cost of Surgimate Practice is well worth the benefits for any practice. We recouped our costs immediately by improving our workflow for pre-surgical payments for surgeries.

Joe Holmbo
Director of Operations, ORA Orthopedics

Surgimate has been an incredible partner for us. We had a very smooth implementation and got up and running in just a few weeks, including our API with AdvancedMD.

Alison Ratliff
Chief Executive Officer, South Coast Retina Center

With Surgimate Practice, we've almost halved the time it takes to book a surgery. We now spend that time increasing patient care and generating more business.

Vicki Forbes
Head Surgical Scheduler, Meritus Health

Surgimate Practice is an essential tool for our high-volume practice. We've streamlined our scheduling process and increased our efficiency.

Kevin Dinant
Practice Manager, University Orthopedics Center

Surgimate Practice has powerful tracking functionality that enables us to better manage and oversee the productivity of our scheduling team, and ensure all items are in place prior to surgery.

Kemuel Carey
Chief Operating Officer, Peninsula Orthopaedic Associates

We chose Surgimate Practice, as it fills the gaps that the EHR cannot perform.

Sheila Tonn-Knopf
Director, The Center for Orthopedics

Thanks to Surgimate Practice, we spend more time on patient care instead of menial tasks.

Rhodora Silang
Surgical Manager, Pediatric Ophthalmic Consultants

Since we implemented Surgimate Practice, we have been able to add two new surgeons without adding any support staff.

Stephen Maddock
Practice Manager, The Centers for Advanced Orthopaedics

Surgimate's customer service is by far the best of any vendor we use!

Heather Bedell
Assistant Director, MendelsonKornblum Orthopedic and Spine Specialists

I am passionate about Surgimate. Surgimate Practice has cut my scheduling time by at least 60% ... it's amazing!

Theresa Fischman
Surgical Scheduler, Connecticut Orthopaedics

The best thing about Surgimate Practice is that at any time, I can pull up my phone and my surgery schedule is there. It has made my and my secretary's life much easier.

Dr. John Krebs
Orthopaedic Surgeon

We reduced surgery scheduling costs by 22% within a year of implementing Surgimate Practice.

Jen Purslow
Executive Vice President, The Core Institute

Surgimate’s HIPAA compliant Surgimate App allows me to review my schedule on-the-go and send information about the surgery back to my scheduler. It’s a fantastic tool that has benefited our whole practice.

David E. Nonweiler, MD
Orthopedic Surgeon, Advanced Orthopedics of Oklahoma

Surgimate Practice has made our team far more efficient and helps us to ensure all items are processed accurately for surgery.

Stephen Veiner
Executive Director, Concord Eye Center

Our implementation process was very smooth and swift thanks to the wonderful support from the implementation team at Surgimate.

Kacey Bolton
Clinical Director, London Women's Care

Working with Surgimate Practice, a web-based application, made the sudden transition to working remotely during the COVID-10 pandemic seamless as no changes to workflow were necessary at all.

Dr. Chima Ohaegbulam
Neurosurgeon, Chima Ohaegbulam MD PC

I use the Surgimate App to capture codes right after surgery. This way, nothing gets lost and the billing department can begin the claims process immediately.

Richard Pope, MD
Orthopedic Surgeon, Augusta-Aiken Orthopedic Specialists

Surgimate Practice is a very user-friendly system. Now we schedule 2,000 surgical cases per year. It has doubled to tripled the surgical coordinator's productivity.

Alan E. Solinsky, MD
Ophthalmic Surgeon, Solinsky EyeCare, LLC

In just a few clicks I can check the status of my patient and communicate with my surgical coordinators.

Dr. Ralph Salvagnoo
Orthopaedic Surgeon, The Centers for Advanced Orthopaedics

Surgimate Practice has helped our large and high-volume practice reduce operational costs and maximize surgical revenue.

Rob Simpson
Executive Director, Princeton Orthopaedic Associates

As a large practice with our own ASC, surgical management and compliance takes significant priority. Surgimate Practice has improved our workflow and enabled us to operate more effectively.

Howard Khan
Chief Technology Officer, The Centers for Advanced Orthopaedics

We highly recommend using Surgimate Practice. Three months after implementation, we reduced surgical scheduling overtime and increased our surgical volume by 13%.

John Jennings
Scheduling Manager, Advanced Orthopedics of Oklahoma

Surgimate App lets me see my upcoming schedule so I know where I need to be and when. I can confirm that the right codes and equipment have been ordered and ensure my block time is maximized.

John Henry, MD
Orthopaedic Surgeon, First Settlement Orthopaedics

Surgimate App gives me the ability to evaluate my schedule and bill for cases at my fingertips. It's extremely convenient and saves time!

Armodios Hatzidakis, MD
Orthopaedic Surgeon, Western Orthopaedics

Surgimate Practice is a true asset to the physicians and mid-levels in our practice and we are very pleased with its functionality.

Kim Hose
Practice Administrator, The Center for Advanced Orthopaedics

Surgimate Practice has given me the ability to confirm codes from the OR, improving our revenue cycle management and significantly streamlining my workload.

Nicholas Grosso, M.D.
Orthopaedic Surgeon & President, The Centers for Advanced Orthopaedics

We reduced cancellations by 25% with more rigorous tracking using Surgimate Practice!

Kimberly Chetrancolo
Practice Manager, IGEA Brain & Spine

I am able to load surgery details in seconds with customized templates - including all the surgeons' preferences for orders, codes, and equipment.

Lisa Senese
Head Surgical Scheduler, GenesisCare

Surgimate Practice has been a fantastic investment for our high-volume practice. I highly recommend Surgimate!

Stephanie Collins
Chief Executive Officer, Austin Retina Associates

Surgimate Practice empowers my surgical scheduler to streamline their work. It is an excellent investment that paid for itself in no time.

Eric Lichtenstein MD
Ophthalmic Surgeon, Pediatric Eye MD

The training and attentiveness provided during the onboarding process was outstanding, and Surgimate support has bee super responsive since our go-live. We are very happy with Surgimate Practice!

Christy Tisdale
Administrator, ENT

We needed a tool to help us manage the surgical scheduling process more effectively. Surgimate Practice was the ideal choice. We've seen a huge improvement in our office.

Mark Chilton, MD
Orthopedic Surgeon and President, The Centers for Advanced Orthopaedics

We are extremely happy with Surgimate Practice. It has really changed the way we do everything. We are more efficient and our patient care has improved considerably.

Wendie Hames
Clinical Operations Manager, Connecticut Orthopaedics

Surgimate Practice has streamlined our surgical posting procedures. Eliminating hand writing the same data on multiple papers has helped efficiency, reduced errors, and increased patient satisfaction.

Darcy Parizek
Practice Administrator, Murphy Wainer Orthopedic Specialists

Surgimate Practice gives me real-time business data which allows me to determine whether our surgical volume is up or down at any time.

Emily Payne
Practice Administrator and Chief Financial Officer, OrthoNC

Since our high-volume practice implemented Surgimate Practice, we have nothing but praise for their support teams. Our experience with Surgimate Practice continues to be very positive and their service is exceptional.

Stephanie Harberson
Project Manager - EMR, OrthoNJ

Surgimate Practice enabled our practice to increase efficiency and schedule surgeries faster.

Dr. Mark Galland
Orthopedic Surgeon, OrthoNC

With Surgimate's tracking features, we can ensure that nothing falls through the cracks and patients get on the schedule.

Craig Henry
Practice Administrator, Hand Center of Louisiana

Surgimate Practice has made our scheduling completely transparent. If one scheduler is out, any other scheduler can step in.

Donna Gesell
Clinical Director, OrthoNC