Surgimate FAQ

  • Does Surgimate integrate with my PM or EHR System?

    Absolutely. Surgimate integrates with your PM or EHR either using industry standard HL7 messaging or API. Patient demographic, insurance and appointment, data is integrated so your team can securely access the information they need, when they need it, without repeat entry.

  • I already have an EHR, why do I also need Surgimate?

    Your EHR is designed to store patients’ clinical records, not manage the surgical scheduling process. Surgimate complements your EHR by automating the entire scheduling workflow, significantly increasing efficiency and reducing errors and cancellations. Read our Success Stories to learn more.

  • When I purchase Surgimate, can I get rid of my PM system?

    Unfortunately not. Surgimate is not a replacement for your PM system. Surgimate integrates with your PM and EHR, capturing and sharing information to eliminate double entry and schedule surgeries more successfully. Surgimate is designed to support your surgical workflow and care coordination.

  • Is Surgimate a web-based or server-based application?

    Web-based application. You can access our secure cloud through any browser. This eliminates the overhead costs of maintaining a server and purchasing database licenses.

  • How is Surgimate customized for our workflow?

    Our workflow engine will be customized to meet your practice’s needs. First, the implementation team performs an in-depth workflow analysis based on your current processes. Next, they compile a comprehensive workflow design document to ensure that every part of the system is built in accordance with your requirements. This includes custom checklists, forms, and task / performance reports.

  • How do our surgeons view their personal surgical schedules?

    Using Surgimate App. When a change is made by your schedulers, the App automatically updates the surgeon’s schedule on their phone. Surgeons can also use the App to send post-op confirmations and add-on codes in real-time. Surgimate App is available on iOS and Android. Learn more.

  • How can we access the surgical schedule in Microsoft Outlook Exchange?

    Easily. Surgimate integrates with Outlook, and can securely (HIPAA compliant) push your surgeon’s schedule to their MS Outlook Exchange.

  • Can I share appointment data with our PM system?

    Yes. With industry standard HL7 messaging or API, we can import pre- and post-op information from your PMS, and even send surgery schedule information to your PMS.

  • Can Surgimate integrate with systems other than PM or EHR

    Yes! We have built out APIs with numerous vendors including Google Calendar, Microsoft Calendar, QGenda, and Verata. Take a look at our Integration page for more info

  • How much does Surgimate cost?

    Our pricing is based on a monthly subscription fee per provider. Contact us and we’ll set up a time to talk.

  • Is Surgimate HIPAA compliant?

    Absolutely. The software is designed with access control, user authentication for system access, audit and lineage reporting, and security documentation.

  • How does Surgimate generate forms?

    Surgimate is custom-designed to meet the needs of your practice and the facilities where your surgeons operate. During the software implementation process, we input and store all your forms in a repository – allowing you to generate fully populated paperwork with the click of a button. If your practice needs to introduce a new form at a later date, you send us the form and we add it to the repository for you.

  • Can Surgimate build forms or letters for us?

    Sure. We can offer you additional forms, including customized patient letters.

  • Is Surgimate suitable for a private practice with an owned ASC?

    Yes. Many Surgimate clients are physician-owned practices or privately-owned practices with their own ASC. Our reporting tool helps you track surgeries and their locations so you can push more surgeries to your ASC without the administrative hassle.

  • How can my ASC use Surgimate?

    Surgimate acts as a communication tool with your ASC giving administrative staff access to patient information. The surgical schedule fully integrates with the ASC management system, allowing updates to the calendar.


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