Status Tracker

Prevent Surgical Cancellations

With so many items to manage pre-surgery, including clearances and authorizations, it’s no wonder surgeries get cancelled when important items slip through.

Surgimate’s dashboard simplifies your workflow by assigning a status to each surgical record and tracking its progress with an electronic checklist. The checklist mirrors your practice’s workflow and displays all the items needed to complete the surgical booking. All data is available on one centralized dashboard, empowering users to easily view outstanding items and managers to monitor progress.


– View outstanding clearances, PATs, and auths

– Filter the data you need to see

– Check items as you progress and update status

– Flag patients requiring follow-up

Flag cases that require urgent attention

Cut cancellations by tracking electronically

Access checklist at a glance

Grow surgical volume with better follow-up

With Surgimate’s tracking features, we ensure that nothing falls through the cracks and patients get on the schedule.

Craig Henry | Practice Administrator

Hand Center of Louisiana Metairie, LA

Craig Henry

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Surgical Calendar

Use a shared calendar that everyone can access. Bold visual design makes it easy to compare multiple schedules simultaneously, quickly find open slots, and redistribute block time where it’s needed most. Add non-surgical events like in-office appointments, vacation time, and on-call hours.


Form Generator

Manual data entry is slow, inefficient and error prone. With Surgimate, you enter surgical details once, then simply click to generate all hospital forms, patient letters, vendor memos, emails and faxes – automatically filled in with 100% accuracy.



Fragmented scheduling doesn’t let you see the bigger picture or make the best decisions for the practice. Surgimate’s powerful business reports let you analyze surgical volume over time and identify trends that may be harming your bottom line.


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