Surgery Scheduling Calendar

Streamlining Surgery Scheduling for Maximum Efficiency

With the Surgical Calendar, your team can manage multiple schedules from one place. Streamlining the process, the surgical scheduling calendar is synced with the entire surgical practice and across all locations. The Calendar is color-coded by surgeon, to make surgeries, non-surgical appointments, and block times easy to find and organize.

With Surgimate’s calenadar, scribbling on wall calendars and calling colleagues with last-minute changes is a thing of the past.

An Ideal Surgery Scheduling & Coordination Solution

Filter by surgeon, scheduler or facility – Find 
the information you need quickly and easily with clear color coding.

Identify and redistribute unused block time
Save $1000’s by maximizing block time and easily filling empty slots.

HIPAA-safe integration with personal
–Benefit from the highest standards of compliance and ensure PHI is protected.

Automatic drag-and-drop rescheduling –
Eliminate other complex, manual and time – consuming surgery scheduling systems with Surgimate’s sleek and simple UI.

Establish transparency across the practice

Improve block time utilization

Manage multiple schedules with ease

View surgical and non-surgical appointments

Surgimate Practice™ has made our surgery scheduling completely transparent. If one scheduler is out, any other scheduler can step in.

Donna Gesell | Clinical Director

Orthopaedic Specialists of North Carolina

Donna Gesell

Complete Surgery Scheduling On a Single Platform


Farewell whiteboards and paper folders. Now you can instantly view the status of any surgery. Electronic checklists let you track clearances and meet deadlines, follow up with patients undecided about surgery, and select the best candidates to fill empty slots.


Form Generator

Manual data entry is slow, inefficient and error prone. With Surgimate, you enter surgical details once, then simply click to generate all hospital forms, patient letters, vendor memos, emails and faxes – automatically filled in with 100% accuracy.


Performance Reports

Fragmented scheduling doesn’t let you see the bigger picture or make the best decisions for the practice. Surgimate’s powerful business reports let you analyze surgical volume over time and identify trends that may be harming your bottom line.