Form generation

Eliminate handwritten
paperwork forever

It’s 2023 and many practices are still filling forms out by hand and typing into PDFs. This is a waste of time and resources!

Surgimate’s Form Generator generates all surgical paperwork automatically and enables you to print, email or fax your forms in seconds – automatically completed with customized patient information – with 100% accuracy. Whether you have 1 or 20 forms to complete for each surgery, everything is stored electronically and can be printed on-demand. No hand-writing, no errors, just pure efficiency. Instantly generate customized hospital booking forms, patient letters, insurance forms and more.

– Load details in seconds with templates

– Click once to generate all forms & documents

– Email or fax forms directly, or save as PDFs

Eliminate all manual paperwork

Improve back-office efficiency

Reduce human error and oversight

Enhance patient experience and care

With Surgimate Practice™, patients leave the office with all surgical details organized and neatly listed for them. It has improved their overall surgery experience and quality of care.

Cindy Labreck | Surgical Scheduler


Donna Gesell

Explore other features:


Farewell whiteboards and paper folders. Now you can instantly view the status of any surgery. Electronic checklists let you track clearances and meet deadlines, follow up with patients undecided about surgery, and select the best candidates to fill empty slots.


Surgical Calendar

Use a shared calendar that everyone can access. Bold visual design makes it easy to compare multiple schedules simultaneously, quickly find open slots, and redistribute block time where it’s needed most. Add non-surgical events like in-office appointments, vacation time, and on-call hours.


Fragmented scheduling doesn’t let you see the bigger picture or make the best decisions for the practice. Surgimate’s powerful business reports let you analyze surgical volume over time and identify trends that may be harming your bottom line.

Surgimate App

Keep your surgeons connected by putting their schedule in the palm of their hand. Surgimate App lets each surgeon see their schedule wherever they are, receive instant updates, and send schedulers post-op confirmations and patient notes in real-time.