Surgimate drives throughput, unleashing value at every stage of the surgical journey.
Surgimate has rewritten the rules for modern surgical orchestration. We have replaced the slow, inefficient, and fragmented back office processes that hamper throughput and profitability with a single source of truth that unites data, surgeons, patients and staff around a failsafe workflow.


Increase your surgical throughput, the lifeblood of practice revenue.

  • Increase surgery volume by halving the orchestration time required for each surgery.
  • Reduce cancellations and lost revenue with a rock solid pre-surgery requirements protocol.
  • Fill last minute empty slots with ease to maximize surgeons’ block time utilization.
  • Push more surgeries to your ASCs by selecting them as the facility-of-choice for certain procedures.


Minimize your exposure to staff shortages and improve life for everyone at the practice.

  • Outwit shortages by doubling the surgical throughput of your existing staff.
  • Empower your schedulers to cover for one another so cases don’t get dropped just because someone is out.


Preserve all your surgeons’ personal preferences on one platform.

  • Ensure your teams complete all work for a case so fewer patients have the frustration of a cancellation.
  • Improve internal communication so your coordination teams are in sync and speaking in one voice to your patients.
  • Help your teams keep up with the essential work of staying in touch with patients and readying them for care.


Everything counts in large amounts. Surgimate delivers outsize value for busy practices and groups.

  • Standardize surgical orchestration across all your locations on a single, shared platform.
  • Slash the cost and time required for each surgical booking; grow your surgery base without the need to add extra support staff.
  • Make the most of group reimbursement rates with greater surgical volume and a higher booking success rate.


Add a new layer of transparency and accountability to your operations.

  • Get a bird’s eye view of your business, drill down to see each step of the orchestration process in greater detail.
  • Set KPIs for individuals and teams; generate visual performance reports for managers.
  • Get automatic notifications of potential bottlenecks so staff can intervene quickly.