Enable your surgeons to confirm codes on-the-go

Available on iOS and Android, Surgimate App gives you HIPAA-compliant access to your surgical calendar, including full patient and surgery details.

The Surgimate App empowers surgeons, ASCs & equipment reps to receive instant notifications about each surgery. Surgeons can also communicate post-op information to the back-office & confirm codes on-the-go.

When schedulers update the calendar, changes appear in the App, so you’re always in the loop. Everything you enter into Surgimate App is synced in real-time with the surgical record back at the practice, helping your team track status and process charges more efficiently.

– See non-surgical appointments, on-call hours

– Log consults & on-calls


Improves team communication

Saves time updating surgeons

HIPAA compliant

Helps surgeons with patient follow-up

Surgimate Practice™ has given me the ability to confirm codes from the OR, improving our revenue cycle management and significantly streamlining my workload.

Nicholas Grosso, M.D. | Orthopaedic Surgeon & President

The Centers for Advanced Orthopaedics

Explore other features:

Surgical Calendar

Use a shared calendar that everyone can access. Bold visual design makes it easy to compare multiple schedules simultaneously, quickly find open slots, and redistribute block time where it’s needed most. Add non-surgical events like in-office appointments, vacation time, and on-call hours.


Form Generator

Manual data entry is slow, inefficient and error prone. With Surgimate, you enter surgical details once, then simply click to generate all hospital forms, patient letters, vendor memos, emails and faxes – automatically filled in with 100% accuracy.



Fragmented scheduling doesn’t let you see the bigger picture or make the best decisions for the practice. Surgimate’s powerful business reports let you analyze surgical volume over time and identify trends that may be harming your bottom line.