Surgimate Practice™ has been a fantastic investment for for our high volume practice. We have drastically increased productivity, and since implementing Surgimate, we have been able to grow our practice by 30% and add 2 more surgeons without increasing scheduling staff. All our scheduling staff are able to work remotely as needed, which has been a huge advantage during the Covid-19 pandemic. I highly recommend Surgimate!

Stephanie Collins | Chief Executive Officer

The challenge

Austin Retina had made the transition from paper to electronic medical records in 2015, but similar to many other practices, was still using paper to schedule surgeries. That translated into a lot of paper— including numerous forms to be completed per procedure. This led to missing information, scheduling errors, poor communication between staff and physicians on surgeries scheduled, and no efficient way for the surgeons to view previous exam notes while at the

surgery center – without taking the printed paper record with them. In addition, the billing staff would have to rely on the surgeons to bring back a physical billing slip to complete the coding of the surgery, since there was no electronic way to communicate what was actually performed.


Added to this, Austin Retina were growing at an unprecedented pace. They needed to convert their office space to accommodate the influx of patients by adding more exam rooms. Ahead of the pandemic, the growing practice was looking to transfer the scheduling team to work remotely


Austin Retina is a group of ten physicians that sees between 7000-7500 patients a month across 17 locations in Austin, TX. Their main focuses are diabetic retinopathy and macular degeneration and the majority of procedures are performed in-office. 65% of patients will have some sort of procedure, with the bulk of them being injections. Staff schedule approximately 4000 injections per month.


17 Offices