CASE STUDY: ORA Orthopedics

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ora orthopedics logo black and white


As a sports med surgeon, I have a large variety of cases and utilize multiple facilities that have slightly different scheduling processes. Surgimate has facilitated efficient and consistent scheduling of my cases. I no longer have to worry if the right equipment/set up will be available.

Dr. Andrew Bries

MD President

andrew bries

The cost of Surgimate Practice is well worth the benefits for any practice. We recouped our costs immediately by improving our workflow for pre-surgical payments for surgeries. Surgimate Practice makes financial sense and the ease of notification between every department is an added benefit. 

Ken Brockman

Chief Executive Officer


31 Surgeons

SRS Health

GE Centricity


In 1997, ORA Orthopedics was formed when two orthopedic practices merged and has grown to include 31 surgeons. Despite other changes and growth in the following 25+ years, many surgical scheduling processes and technologies remained unchanged.

Every scheduler had developed their own scheduling workflow and staff across the organization were still relying on paper-based processes. This led to clearances piled high on nurses’ desks, missed authorizations, canceled surgeries, and patient out-of-pocket costs not being recouped in a timely manner.

There was also high employee turnover, and as new staff was hired, the recruits spent more time trying to figure out what needed to be done rather than coordinating the cases.

Recognizing the issue, management at ORA sought out a solution to standardize and automate their surgical scheduling processes to increase efficiency, improve team communication, and deliver a better patient experience.


ORA automated its entire surgical scheduling workflow with Surgimate Practice. Schedulers use one efficient workflow, automated tracking and paperwork generation, and a single centralized platform.

Now, ORA is making better decisions and scheduling at the most appropriate and cost-effective facility with new reports. Pre-authorizations are started immediately after the surgery is scheduled. Billing staff can inform patients of their out-of-pocket costs quickly.

ORA has almost completely automated the rescheduling process and reduced a tedious and time-consuming process. Interoperability has been a driving force behind ORA’s increased efficiency. Data from SRS Health is pulled into the Surgimate Practice platform including:

  • Demographics
  • Insurance
  • Appointments
  • Medical history information

ORA realized a 150-200% increase in pre-surgical payments thanks to the enhanced communication with Surgimate. Forms are generated in Surgimate Practice and then synced back into SRS Health.

Admins use Surgimate Practice’s electronic checklist to view upcoming surgeries and task to ensure patients have all the necessary clearances and authorizations in place. Management also utilizes the performance reports to assess caseload and balance workload.