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Doubling the Industry Average Scheduling Rate

“I don’t know how you could choose not to use Surgimate… We don’t plan to stop growing.” – April Hersick, Clinical Director




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The Challenge

As SBO grew in number of surgeons and patients, its surgical coordination team recognized that managing thousands of patients with different workflows and rubber stamps was unsustainable.

SBO’s EMR did not have the features for a surgical workflow, so nearly every step of the process was done manually. Unfortunately, many surgery orders did not make it to the scheduling stage, and surgical coordinators were well above maximum capacity.

While searching for a different solution – a staff scheduling tool – SBO discovered Surgimate. SBO’s board members readily encouraged the adoption of Surgimate after seeing how much the Surgimate App would help surgeons report codes and speed up the reimbursement cycle.

Without Surgimate, I don’t know how we’d do as much surgical volume as we do now.

April Hersick, Clinical Director

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The Results

During implementation, Surgimate helped with multiple form customizations for surgeons, staff, and surgery centers. While insurance cards, coding, and cancelled surgeries are still time consuming, Surgimate’s digital communications have reduced security risks and improved consent tracking by signing paperwork digitally.

With Surgimate, the SBO surgical coordination team has increased their scheduling rate to over 35% above the surgical industry average. Block time utilization is better than ever before. With a more efficient workflow helping to increase surgical volume, the SBO team is now considering hiring an additional surgical coordinator to help with the increase in business.

SBO more than doubles the industry average scheduling rate

SBO’s Schedule Rate0%Industry Average Schedule Rate0%

I’m a Surgimate fan. It was a good implementation.

Juli Donohue, EMR Specialist

The Surgimate calendar helps surgeons and coordinators stay aligned and reduces duplicate entry. SBO has also saved time by using automation to communicate with equipment reps. And the team loves that Surgimate’s drafts report prevents orders from falling through the cracks.

Due to the increase in surgical volume, SBO has hired a dedicated employee to call and follow up on clearances. SBO plans on expanding the use of Surgimate to include injections and MRI scheduling. With continued support from Surgimate’s Customer Experience, South Bend Orthopedics is discovering ways to simplify and automate more of its tasks.

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