Interoperability is key to running a successful practice. ElationHealth's Clinical First API brings over all the information you need to make your surgical scheduling more efficient.




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We chose Surgimate, as it fills the gaps that the EHR cannot perform.

Sheila Tonn-Knopf
The Center for Orthopedics

Surgimate complements ElationHealth with powerful functionality:

Share one surgical calendar across the practice

Specifically designed to manage surgeries. Filter by surgeon, co-surgeon, PA, facility, or scheduler. Color coding makes it easy to coordinate multiple block-times & non-surgical appointments.


Give your surgeons a HIPAA compliant app to view their schedule

The Surgimate App empowers surgeons to receive instant notifications and communicate post-op information to the back-office. Unlike many popular applications (Outlook & Google Calendar), the app is completely HIPAA compliant.


Track all pre-surgery requirements on one dashboard

Electronically track all items required for surgery including clearances, insurance authorizations and surgery status. All data is stored in one centralized dashboard that anyone can access, from any location.

Generate all surgical paperwork automatically

With one click, generate all surgical paperwork – customized to match the needs of all facilities and insurance companies, and filled with 100% accuracy.

Get vital snapshots of your business

Powerful business reports capture trends in surgical volume, block time utilization, patients who require follow-up, and cancellations within any given time period.