Avoid last minute cancellations due to equipment not arriving in the OR! Automate communication between the office staff and equipment reps with Surgimate Practice™.

Reps can view all surgical details inside the Surgimate App including:

  • Date/time of surgery
  • Location/facility
  • All procedure codes
  • Equipment ordered
  • Demographic info of patient
  • Insurance info of patient
  • Fully HIPAA compliant

Avoid mix-ups, miscommunication, and no-shows of equipment in the OR

Update reps automatically with all changes & cancellations to surgeries

Provide reps with a single centralized location for info on surgeries

how it works

Reps get invited to the surgical event

The event can be saved in Outlook so reps can easily view and access their lineup, but all PHI around the surgery must be viewed in the Surgimate App.

Reps can accept the invite to the surgery in real-time

Surgical practice staff will receive confirmation when reps accept the invite to the surgery.

Reps can view all relevant info about the surgery inside the Surgimate App

All patient information, insurance info procedure codes & equipment are synced with Surgimate in real-time.

Communicate with practice staff & view updates to the surgery in real time

Any changes made to the surgery will get updated in the app, notifying the rep as needed. Reps can also send messages to practice staff.