Diane Gerry

Director, Revenue Cycle Management


Tracey Schmidbauer

Systems Manager

"Surgimate plays an important  role in helping our practice grow. Despite initial resistance to change, our 

team now relies on Surgimate for every step of the scheduling process."

"Surgimate lets us implement a uniform

workflow across our practice. We can instantly identify and track the status of any authorization. This has been a significant benefit for us & we’ve dramatically increased the number of our WC reimbursements."



Implemented uniform trackable workflow throughout the practice

Provided surgeons with immediate access to their schedules onsite at their ASC

Facilitated practice growth from 19 to 43 surgeons

Empowered staff to instantly track the status of any surgery

Generated data outputs for Quality Care Outcomes, PQRI and BPCI

Eliminated every manual step of the scheduling workflow


Albany, NY

43 surgeons

Modernizing Medicine

Modernizing Medicine



OrthoNY’s scheduling process followed the journey of a paper booking form that would move around from desk-to-desk and folder-to-folder, based on the status of the case. All steps in the workflow were manual, making it a cumbersome and time consuming process. Each scheduler had a different set of paperwork and checklist items, so there was no uniformity and it was difficult for staff to cover for each other. Added to this, there was no way to track the status of a surgery, and many cases fell through the cracks. The team had no way of knowing whether a surgery recommended by a surgeon was actually scheduled - especially when surgeons saw patients at satellite offices where there were no schedulers on site.

Despite initial resistance to change from the schedulers, the team at OrthoNY now relies on Surgimate for every  step of their surgery scheduling process. A consistent workflow is in effect at each of their nine locations, so the status of any surgery can be identified instantly. Patients recommended surgery are immediately entered into the system, and a proactive follow-up processes sets into motion. All data is transferred between departments  electronically, and insurance authorizations are closely monitored. As the surgery moves through the workflow, status changes trigger reminders to the staff member who needs to handle the next step. With the help of Surgimate, OrthoNY has been able to double the size of its practice and significantly increase surgical volume.

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