Surgical Coordinator Spotlight: Jacqueline Wertman | SurgiSnacks Episode 7

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Jacqueline Wertman is an experience surgical coordinator at OrthoNY with over 30 years. Her skills and knowledge have provided the practice with organized surgery planning.

Jacqueline Wertman Surgical Coordinator at OrthoNY
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Rebecca Brygel

Founder and CEO of Surgimate

A career entrepreneur, Rebecca is the driving force behind the company and its visionary. She’s also super hands-on, as comfortable chatting with schedulers about their workflow issues as she is in the boardroom. Instantly recognized by her Australian accent, Rebecca holds a BA in Business Management from Monash University and a Masters in Philosophy from Yeshiva University.

Al Norweb

Chief Growth Officer

Al Norweb is focused on everything and anything that brings the power of Surgimate to more surgical practices. Al mostly recently served as the General Manager of Orthopedics for a leading EHR and practice management software company where he oversaw a near quadrupling of their book of business. Based in Miami, FL, Al holds an MBA from Harvard Business School, an MPA from Harvard Kennedy School, and a BS in Economics from Duke University.

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