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50+ surgeons

GE Centricity

GE Centricity

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Reduced surgery scheduling FTEs by 22% within a year of implementing Surgimate

Integrated with proprietary Patient Outcomes Portal - saving 25 hours of work each month in double entry

Implemented seamless workflow to transition cases electronically between departments

Cut time needed to coordinate each

surgery by 50%

Onboarded surgeons and schedulers

in Michigan office independently

Supports 400+ users at the practice

Christine McKnight | Director of Scheduling

Surgimate has automated every step of the scheduling process. All patient needs are addressed within minutes of speaking with the patient. Our schedulers cannot imagine life without Surgimate. The level of care coordination is now unsurpassed, and all data around the surgery is stored in one location.


The CORE Institute, an expanding national practice with locations in Arizona and Michigan, was looking for the right vendor to automate its surgery scheduling process. They had a well functioning workflow, but it wasn’t as efficient or measurable as The CORE Institute desired. A solution for aggregating and analyzing surgical scheduling data was an organizational priority. As the practice began to grow, The CORE Institute needed a scalable solution that would also help manage the surgical scheduling workflow and time management.

Using Surgimate, The CORE Institute has implemented a uniform electronic workflow across the practice, which allows any registered employee to step in and manage the process at any point. Information now flows between departments, offices, and states seamlessly. In addition, all surgical information is stored in a centralized location, enabling data to be accessed instantly.


After assessing multiple options, the leadership team at The CORE Institute chose Surgimate to automate their surgical workflow and improve processes.

Schedulers use Surgimate to digitally load templates with surgeon’s preferences into the surgical record, and then use the Form Generator to email or digitally fax any documents required for the surgery. This has cut the time needed to coordinate surgery in half, and enabled schedulers to process more surgeries in the same amount of time

Implemented uniform

digitized workflow

Cut time to coordinate

a surgery by 50%

One of the biggest time savers is Surgimate’s integration with The CORE Institute’s proprietary patient outcomes portal. When a patient reaches milestones in Surgimate, data is automatically transferred into the patient portal and enrollments are updated. This has saved schedulers approximately one whole hour a day, or 25 hours each month of entering data into the system and also drastically reduced errors.

Managers run customized reports inside Surgimate and use the data to detect patterns and implement solutions. The management team now have a better understanding of why surgeries are canceled and carry out processes in an effort to prevent similar cancellations from occurring. Additionally, a follow-up report is used to recover unscheduled cases that would have gone undetected before Surgimate.

Use data to prevent


Eliminated duplicate data entry

into patient outcomes portal

In the lead up to the surgical event, the scheduling team use the electronic checklist in Surgimate to ensure everything has been successfully processed (clearances, authorizations, PATs), which avoids unnecessary cancellations or delays. The authorizations team completes insurance authorizations and informs the schedulers electronically using the statuses in Surgimate. And, since The CORE Institute no longer relies on paper folders to carry out this process, it donated thousands of redundant binders to local schools in Arizona.

With Surgimate, the scheduling team have automated a benchmark target of contacting each patient about their surgery within 48 hours of the procedure being recommended. Within this timeframe, patients are called, scheduled for surgery and sent a customized notification outlining the details about their procedure. This way, patients have adequate time to review the details and discuss any concerns with schedulers prior to surgery. This was a manual process before Surgimate, and supports The CORE Institute’s mission in providing the best level of patient care

Provide unsurpassed

patient care

Information shared between

departments electronically

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Surgimate’s software streamlines the surgical coordination workflow, enabling practices to book surgeries faster, maximize blocktime, and capture untapped revenue. All information around surgeries is stored in a centralized location, and connects schedulers, managers, insurance, surgeons and billing through a single unified workflow. Surgimate has processed over 1 million surgeries across practices in 34 states covering orthopedics, ophthalmology, urology, ENT, and gynecology.