Learn Why More than 1,500 Surgeons Rely on Surgimate

In 2023, our customers scheduled 628,738 surgeries, completing more than ever before in less time than ever before. They reduced their cancellation rates and improved rescheduling rates.


They used Surgimate Practice to automate processes, digitize paperwork, and orchestrate hundreds of thousands of tasks so their teams can ensure every surgery candidate is ready to go on the day of their case. 

After all… Every Surgery Counts.

Surgical practices that use Surgimate are:

Reducing cancellations by 18%+ with Surgimate’s checklist
Growing surgical volume by 15%+ with better surgery tracking and reporting
Reducing coordination time by 50%+ with the surgical calendar

The first five practices to demo Surgimate in January will receive three free months of subscription services.*

*Must agree to services on or before March 31, 2024.

How Surgimate Can Help

Case Management

Status Tracker records each step of the workflow, decluttering desks and freeing up time. Captures pre-operation tasks in one place so multiple coordinators in different locations can work together.

Form Generator

Surgimate’s Form Generator generates all surgical paperwork automatically and enables you to print, email or fax your forms in seconds – automatically completed with customized patient information – with 100% accuracy.