30% of Cancellations Stem From Administrative Issues

Surgery cancellations can have a significant impact on medical practices, affecting patients, healthcare providers, and even the overall healthcare system. They occur for various reasons, such as unforeseen emergencies, patient-related issues, or lack of financial coverage but perhaps most frustrating are those surgery cancellations that result from administrative breakdowns. Regardless of the cause, the consequences can be far-reaching.

Our customers include industry-leading practices and have been able to accomplish the following with Surgimate:

Reduce (preventable) cancellations by 18%
Boost surgical volume by 15%
Reduce surgical scheduling costs by 35%

How Surgimate Can Help

Case Management

Status Tracker records each step of the workflow, decluttering desks and freeing up time. Captures pre-operation tasks in one place so multiple coordinators in different locations can work together.

Form Generator

Surgimate’s Form Generator generates all surgical paperwork automatically and enables you to print, email or fax your forms in seconds – automatically completed with customized patient information – with 100% accuracy.

Surgical Calendar

With the Surgical Calendar, your team can manage multiple schedules from one place. Streamlining the process, the surgical scheduling calendar is synced with the entire surgical practice and across all locations.
Reduce Cancellations
Reduce Cancellations
"We reduced cancellations by 25% with more rigorous tracking"
Boost Surgical Volume
Boost Surgical Volume
"We grew our surgical volume 30% and added 2 new surgeons."
Reduce Surgical Scheduling Costs
Reduce Surgical Scheduling Costs
“We reduced surgery scheduling costs by 22% within a year of implementing Surgimate.”