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ORA logo
February 15, 2018
ORA Orthopedics Joins Surgimate’s Growing Base of Orthopaedic Practices

ORA Orthopedics, a 25 surgeon practice, is the latest practice to join Surgimate’s growing base of orthopaedic practices. ORA was looking for a surgical scheduling platform to be implemented across their seven locations in Iowa and Illinois. They were excited to learn that Surgimate will streamline their processes for surgical scheduling and provide data for business insights into their practice. ORA will drastically reduce scheduling time for each surgery by using Surgimate’s powerful form generation tool. You can read more about how ORA Orthopedics is the largest and most comprehensive orthopedic and sports medicine practice in the Quad Cities here.

Orthopedic Associates logo
January 22, 2018
Surgimate is Proud to Welcome Orthopedic Associates

Surgimate is proud to welcome Orthopedic Associates (OA), a 7 surgeon physician-owned practice based in Denver, Colorado. OA was having trouble reporting about canceled surgeries, available block time and other critical data to help the practice run more efficiently. They tried using multiple systems to track and schedule surgeries, and this caused severe errors, such as numerous cases falling between the cracks. OA decided they needed to revamp their scheduling system in a more synchronized manner. They selected Surgimate to be their one centralized location to manage every aspect of their surgery scheduling. With Surgimate, managers will be able to easily access the information they need in order to make better business decisions. It will also give schedulers the ability to identify canceled surgeries and fill empty slots in the surgeons’ block time, making the practice run much more smoothly and productively. Surgimate will launch at OA in the summer of 2018.

Austin Retina Associates logo
January 4, 2018
Austin Retina Associates Have Signed with Surgimate to Automate their Surgical Scheduling Process

Austin Retina Associates, an eight surgeon group in Texas, have signed with Surgimate to automate their surgical scheduling process. Before signing with Surgimate, Austin Retina had dozens of forms that needed to be manually completed for any given surgery. Additionally, there was not enough transparency and communication between departments, leaving room for errors and confusion. But with Surgimate’s form generation tool, practice operations will run much more smoothly and efficiently. The Surgimate platform will significantly reduce booking time per surgery, while the reporting features will give managers the ability to review surgery data and help identify trends. The cloud platform will also enable each department to see the status of each surgery and know what steps need to be taken in order to complete the booking. Austin Retina will be able to manage their booking system more effectively, have clearer communication and provide better service. You can read more about how Austin Retina Associates services Austin, Texas and the benefits of an automated surgical scheduling process here.

orange county urology associates
December 27, 2017
Orange County Urology Associates Selects Surgimate to Solve Surgical Workflow & Tracking Issues.

Orange County Urology Associates (OCUA) has selected  Surgimate to solve their surgical workflow and tracking issues. Up until recently, OCUA, a 10 surgeon urology practice based in Laguna Hills, California, had trouble tracking surgeries scheduled across their 6 locations. Each scheduler had their own scheduling processes, which meant that if one of the schedulers was out of the office or unavailable, other staff and management were left in the dark and unable to identify the status of these cases. This was obviously very problematic and a source of stress in the practice. Orange County Urology Associates searched for a solution that would all access to all schedulers. They went with Surgimate to standardize their workflow across all locations, which will enable any staff member to login and instantly identify the status of a surgical case. Surgimate provides a synchronized platform to keep information updated at all times, making scheduling easy and leaves less room for error. 

Ophthalmic Associates of Alaska logo
December 4, 2017
Ophthalmic Associates of Alaska Adds Surgimate to their Practice

Surgimate is excited to welcome our first client in Alaska – Ophthalmic Associates of Alaska (OAA) is the latest practice to join. Much of OAA’s scheduling and tracking was performed manually, and this was both inefficient and error-prone. Practice administrators were looking for a more organized system for their surgical scheduling and a way to automate these processes.  Surgimate will digitize their tracking, and provide one shared surgical calendar across the practice. OAA is keen to use the reporting features inside Surgimate in order to help provide data to make better informed business decisions. Read more about OAA here.

igea brain, spine and orthopedics
November 21, 2017
IGEA Brain and Spine has Brought on Surgimate to Reduce Scheduling Time & More

IGEA Brain and Spine decided to take a leap and revamp their practice’s scheduling system. They have brought on Surgimate Practice™ to improve their surgical workflow and greatly reduce their surgical scheduling time. IGEA, a 5 surgeon neurology group, was also looking to unify their surgical workflow. With Surgimate, they aim to drastically cut scheduling time with the help of the form generation tool. The electronic checklist will enable managers to gain a clearer picture of the practice by tracking surgical statuses and ensuring that authorizations are in place before each surgery. IGEA was delighted with the Outlook API with Surgimate, as this will provide their surgeons with instant access to their surgical schedules and ensure they are all correctly synced and updated. By partnering with Surgimate, IGEA Brain and Spine will have an automated scheduling platform that will allow the practice to operate much more efficiently and provide top quality service to their many patients.

To find out more about the work IGEA Brain and Spine does, click here.

The CORE Institute logo
October 12, 2017
Surgimate has been Selected by The Core Institute for Surgical Scheduling

Surgimate has been selected by The Core Institute as their exclusive vendor for surgical scheduling software. Surgimate will be used at all of their locations across Arizona and Michigan. The Core Institute is the #1 ranked Phoenix-based orthopedic group and prides itself on providing the best service in the state. The management team wanted a surgical scheduling platform that would give them transparency across the practice. Surgimate will automate all the processes involved with surgical scheduling, and standardize the workflow across all their locations. The reporting tool will give administrators the surgical data and information that is needed to make better business decisions. With 10 locations in Arizona and 4 more in Michigan, Surgimate will be the centralized location where all the information around surgeries will be stored. The staff will be able to access the data and information they need at any location, including surgeons who can access their busy schedules on-the-go. With Surgimate, their scheduling system will be more efficient and they can provide better service to all their patients. You can read more about why The CORE Institute is an award-winning surgical group here.

Mendelson Kornblum logo
September 25, 2017
Mendelson Kornblum Orthopedic and Spine Specialists Joins Surgimate’s Growing Base of Orthopaedic Practices

Mendelson Kornblum Orthopedic and Spine Specialists, a 16 surgeon group in Michigan, is the latest practice to join Surgimate’s growing base of orthopaedic practices. Mendelson Kornblum was looking for a system that would give them better tracking for surgical cases.  Staff are excited to have an all-in-one platform that will provide tracking, an app for their surgeons and a shared digital calendar. Mendelson Kornblum will launch Surgimate in their two locations this Fall.

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