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April 22, 2017
Surgimate exhibits at the AAOE Annual Conference 2017

Surgimate is exhibiting at the American Alliance of Orthopaedic Executives (AAOE) Annual conference in Indianapolis this week. Stop by booth #510 to learn how you can track and manage your your surgery workflow from one platform.


AAOE Annual Conference

Surgimate at AAOE Annual Conference

March 15, 2017
Surgimate exhibits at the AAOS annual meeting in San Diego

Surgimate is displaying SurgiApp at the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS) Annual conference in San Diego this week. SurgiApp gives surgeons instant access to their surgical calendars, complete with patient and surgery details – all fully HIPAA compliant. Designed to work in-sync with Surgimate, the app lets each surgeon view their daily, weekly, or monthly surgical schedule – including block time, non-surgical appointments, on-call hours, and vacation days – all while on the go.


Surgeons send post-op confirmations or notes straight from the OR – including add-on codes – empowering billing to process charges more efficiently. With their patients’ contact info and surgical data available at their fingertips, surgeons can provide immediate, personal post-op care.

Visit us at booth 2312.

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February 21, 2017
The Center for Bone & Joint Disease in Tampa Bay, FL select Surgimate

The Center for Bone & Joint Disease is a ten surgeon practice in the Tampa Bay area in Florida. Their physicians specialize in areas such as hands, sports medicine, foot and ankle, and spinal injuries. Management were seeking a way to track data electronically and automate all of the paperwork necessary to coordinate surgeries. They were also looking for a system that would enable them to grow their practice, without adding more support staff. The practice will be integrating Surgimate with their Greenway PM/EMR and will go live in the summer of 2017. Read more about their practice here.

January 9, 2017
2016: Surgimate’s Year in Review

2016 was a fantastic year for Surgimate. We welcomed 235 surgeons in 17 different states. We also exhibited at multiple conferences across the country. Here are our some of the biggest surgical practices who chose Surgimate in 2016 to help them run more efficient, transparent practices. 




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Our year in review:


We started 2016 by welcoming Tennessee Orthopaedic Clinics (TOC) in January. TOC has 26 surgeons with 11 locations across Tennessee. “With Surgimate, we’re going to streamline the process and ensure nothing falls through the cracks,” said Tina Snodderly, COO.


In February, Connecticut Orthopaedic Specialists (COS), chose to use Surgimate after joining forces with The Orthopaedic Group – who have been Surgimate clients for several years. COS will automate their forms and implement electronic tracking. COS are the premier orthopaedic group in Connecticut, serving 20 locations across the state.


We kicked off March by exhibiting at AAOS in Orlando, showcasing SurgiApp. We showed orthopaedic surgeons how they can view their surgery schedule wherever they are and easily communicate information with their back-office staff.


AAOS - American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons

(From left) Sari Nossbaum and Justin Rockman from Surgimate

AAOS - American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons

(From left) Justin Rockman with Dr. Pope from Augusta Orthopedic & Sports Medicine Specialists


SurgiApp adds functionality for surgeons to share post-op info on the fly


The conference coincided with a new release of SurgiApp, with features that enable surgeons to confirm whether the surgery was completed as scheduled, and also attach any add-on codes performed. The information is updated in real-time at the practice, and the insurance and billing departments can begin the claims process immediately. The new version of SurgiApp also lets surgeons add consults on the fly, and communicate the information to their scheduler. And another popular addition, surgeons can now view MRI/X-ray images from the patient’s record, and add personal appointments to their calendar.


Dr John Kagan, from Fort Myers in Florida, bought Surgimate after seeing SurgiApp in action at the conference. We then signed two more practices later in March, including Sierra Nevada Eye Center – who were looking for a better digital calendar and a way to track authorizations and cancellations.


The spring kicked off with a bang, when OA Centers for Orthopaedics, a division of Spectrum Medical Group, joined the Surgimate family in April. The group was looking to create a holistic end-to-end process for scheduling surgery. After thoroughly researching other options in the industry, they decided Surgimate was the best fit. OA is our first client in Maine.


In May, Danbury Eye Physicians and Surgeons, a premier ophthalmic group in Connecticut, came on board. “Our goal is to make our surgical schedulers much more efficient. To make them feel that they are in control of their scheduling and that the paperwork is not in control of them,” said Fiona Lange, Business Office Manager.


June brought the AAOE Annual Conference in San Francisco, where we made our mark – literally – with our bright colored Converse high-tops. Taking a refreshing approach, we ditched our classic demo stations and decided to focus on talking to Administrators about the scheduling challenges they face on an everyday basis.


Surgimate team

Surgimate team (from left): Graham Hesselberg, Sari Nossbaum, Rebbeca Brygel and Ren Yocum


June also brought on Spectrum Medical of Danville, VA who first found out about Surgimate after seeing it in action at Greensboro Orthopaedics – a longstanding client in North Carolina. “The surgeons will have access to patient information without having to send somebody to find a paper copy,” said Cindi Arnn, scheduling manager at Spectrum Medical.


Wagner Macula & Retina Center, a two surgeon group in the Hampton Roads region of Virginia, also joined Surgimate in June. Wagner Macula are part a growing group of Athena users to join Surgimate. They plan to implement electronic tracking and use the Surgimate dashboard to run reports on cancellations and other insurance related information.

Dashboard adds funcionality to run reports with PQRI Insurance information


The dashboard is another area that our developers have been focusing on this year. Many of our clients use the dashboard to ensure all items are completed before surgery, and to track cancellations and follow-ups. This year, we souped up our dashboard to enable users to run reports on PQRI insurance information. Users can tag patients that are eligible for PQRI, track their progress, and then pull up a report of all the patients in this status. The report can easily be exported and shared with other departments.


In July, Biltmore Ear Nose & Throat joined – our first practice in Arizona. Biltmore chose Surgimate so they could implement electronic tracking and streamline all their calendars and paperwork.


In August, we hit the northern California region when Mission Peak Orthopaedic Medical Group’s six surgeons came on board. This practice was looking to standardize their surgical scheduling process and proactively follow-up with patients.


We kicked off the fall by exhibiting at the Association of Otolaryngology Administrators (AOA)’s Annual Meeting in Chicago, IL in September. We caught up with some existing clients, including Jeff Baird from Willamette ENT who shared the challenges ENT practices are facing including ASCs receiving lower reimbursement rates than hospitals. We were also excited to catch up with our partners, Audigy Medical Group.


In September, The Illinois Bone & Joint Institute (IBJI), one of the largest orthopedic practices in the US – with 100+ surgeons and rheumatologists, and 22 locations throughout Chicago – joined the Surgimate family. Rebecca Brygel, CEO of Surgimate says, “IBJI is the largest group Surgimate has signed to date. This is a testament to how far we have come, and the direction we are heading in.”


The Orthopaedic Physicians & Surgeons, PC in New Jersey and Acuity Eye Care in Connecticut also joined us in Surgimate. Both of these groups use Greenway and will interface with Surgimate to automate their scheduling.


October brought us to Greenwich, CT for the SRS User Summit. Our hand sanitizer key chains were a huge hit and we were excited to see everyone attaching them to their bags.


MK Orthopaedics,Surgery & Rehabilitation and The Lancaster Orthopedic Group joined in November to automate their paperwork and track follow-ups electronically. Then in mid-November we exhibited at our last conference of the year – the Georgia Association of Orthopaedic Executives Annual conference, which took place at a charming resort amid the vineyards of Chateau Elan Winery & Resort.


Surgimate booth at the GAOE


Onto the home stretch… we finished the year with six practices joining in December. First up was Carondelet Orthopaedic Surgeons, (now known as APEX Orthopedics & Sports Medicine), our first client in Kansas. The group look forward to having a centralized location to store all of their surgery-related information, that anyone can access from any location.


Shortly thereafter, OrthoTennessee joined the Surgimate team. With their main office in Knoxville, and 50+ orthopedic surgeons working across the area, OrthoTennesee are one of the leading surgical practices in the Southeast. The practice will implement a cohesive workflow across all of their locations. With a seamless flow of information between NextgGen and Surgimate, the group also plan to ditch their paper calendars and use Surgimate’s surgery calendar and app. 


Next to join was Advanced Orthopedics and Sports Medicine Institute (AOSMI), who will use Surgimate to complement their eClinicalWorks setup. This was closely followed by Mississippi Brain & Spine, PLLC – the first neurosurgery group to join Surgimate.


Just before the end of the year, The Marietta Eye Clinic, a 14 surgeon practices in the northern Atlanta suburbs, joined Surgimate. This group use NextGen and will now use Surgimate to remove all manual form filling and implement electronic tracking so nothing falls through the cracks.

New ASC functionality added to Calendar


Marietta Eye Clinic are also excited to share the Surgimate calendar with their ASC staff. This year we added functionality to our calendar that enables users to add room #s to a surgical case. This way, Surgimate can be shared across different office locations – including the ASC – and everyone stays on the same (electronic) page.

And that’s a wrap. What a fantastic and productive year it was for Surgimate. We would like to thank all of our new and existing clients for their support in 2016, and we look forward to an even more successful year in 2017.

Spectrum Medical
December 5, 2016
Spectrum Medical decides to ditch paper calendar in favor of Surgimate

Spectrum Medical of Danville, VA is a multi-specialty medical practice that has been dedicated to serving the Community for over 60 years.


As a high volume practice of seven surgeons and four locations, Spectrum Medical’s primary challenge is the paper trail associated with scheduling surgeries. Scheduling Manager Cindi Arnn notes that in an effort to reduce the manual labor involved in the paperwork, the organization decided to upgrade their practice management system. The staff visited Greensboro Orthopedics to learn more about their PM system. It was there that they learned about Surgimate. Cindi was excited to have found a solution that would simplify their paper trail and increase efficiency throughout the practice.


Though the practice is growing and expanding to multiple locations, a good old paper appointment book is still used to schedule all of Spectrum Medical’s surgeries. This calendar book is only available in one location, making it extraordinarily difficult for the surgeons to access their schedules. Furthermore, Cindi says that the doctors’ schedules are recorded in an online calendar and then manually re-entered in the appointment book – a tedious and superfluous process.


The inefficiencies do not end there. Forms are filled out by hand and then faxed to the hospitals. These forms lack standardization and an average of two hours is spent filling them out and processing information in order to schedule each surgery.


Cindi and her staff are enthusiastic to start working with Surgimate and are looking forward to automating their scheduling process. “All of our forms are handwritten, and sometimes we find ourselves guessing what the doctor has written and hope that we get it right. This will reduce our chances of clerical errors – something we are very excited about,” Cindi says.


Cindi is also eager for SurgiApp to go live. “The surgeons will have access to patient information without having to send somebody to find a paper copy.” She further notes the convenience of having all of “their [doctors’] personal appointments and work appointments available in the calendar.” This will enable Spectrum Medical to run more smoothly, increasing efficiency, and decreasing overtime.


Spectrum Medical will go live with Surgimate in the beginning of 2017.


To learn more about Spectrum Medical, click here.

October 18, 2016
Danbury Eye chooses to streamline surgical scheduling process & eliminate paperwork

With 11 surgeons on staff at six different office locations, Danbury Eye’s back office staff struggles to manage and coordinate surgeries. “It is an extraordinarily difficult and complex task to actually schedule all of these doctors in five different facilities at different times during the week,” said Fiona Lange, Business Office Manager at Danbury Eye.


The surgeons perform surgery at six different facilities across Connecticut, and the requirements and paperwork for each facility vary. “We’re literally drowning in paper,” said Lange. “The surgical schedulers all have piles of papers on their desks right now.”


The schedulers also have a tough time managing surgeries due to the use of a paper calendar and paper folders being used for tracking.


Once it became impossible to maintain their current system, it was clear to Management at Danbury Eye that they needed a solution to streamline their surgical scheduling process and eliminate paperwork.


Surgimate will automate the surgical scheduling process at Danbury Eye, including generating all of their forms, digitizing their calendars, and empower staff to easily track the authorization process with an electronic checklist. Through SurgiApp, surgeons will have instant access to their surgery schedule at all times, have all necessary information in one place, and communicate information back to their schedulers – enabling the billing process to begin immediately.


“Our goal is to make our surgical schedulers much more efficient. To make them feel that they are in control of their scheduling and that the paperwork is not in control of them,” says Lange. “My hope is to be able to free up a staff member to be able to schedule out of the satellite office  so that we can offer one-on-one contact for the patient.”


Since Danbury Eye will be generating all their forms electronically, they’ll eliminate the piles of paperwork currently cluttering back office desks. Tracking will be completed electronically and paper folders will be a thing of the past.


Automating the scheduling workflow will drastically increase productivity and significantly reduce the time it takes for each surgery to be scheduled.


Danbury Eye will go live with Surgimate in the Fall of 2016.

June 16, 2016
Surgimate sparks lots of interest at the AAOE Annual Conference

Surgimate sparked a lot of interest at the American Association for Orthopaedic Executives (AAOE) Annual Conference in San Francisco in June. Focused on addressing orthopedic practice’s workflow pains, the team at Surgimate used the conference as an opportunity to talk to Administrators about the challenges they face on an everyday basis – in the realm of surgery scheduling and as a whole. Administrators learned how Surgimate could help resolve a lot of their scheduling pains, and automate their scheduling process.


Aside from showcasing the main surgical scheduling platform, Surgimate also showed off their latest development, SurgiApp – a HIPAA compliant app for anytime, anywhere access for surgeons.


Surgimate is the leader and innovator in the industry, and helps orthopaedic practices of all sizes streamline their scheduling workflow and operate as more profitable businesses.


AAOE Annual Conference

Surgimate at AAOE Annual Conference


Orthopedic Institute of NJ
May 16, 2016
The Orthopedic Institute of New Jersey goes live with Surgimate to improve organizational efficiency

The Orthopedic Institute of New Jersey (TOINJ) has 11 surgeons and nine office locations across New Jersey including Roxbury, Newton, Hackettstown, Sparta, Cedar Knolls, and Washington; and one in Milford, PA. When they were struggling with their scheduling workflow, TOINJ searched for a solution to help improve organizational efficiency. “Our goal is to deliver high quality care, and be as efficient as we can be,” said Aaron Orchard, Systems Manager. “But our internal processes did not allow us to achieve this.”


“Our scheduling workflow was very time consuming and required lots of manual intervention from our staff,” continued Orchard, “and we had no definitive way to track clearances.”


TOINJ chose Surgimate in order to go paperless, and to have a unified workflow for scheduling surgeries across their offices. Surgimate’s electronic checklist will empower staff to track clearances and ensure nothing falls through the cracks. All of their staff will be able to access surgical information and the surgical calendar from any of their ten locations.


“Our goal is to serve our patients better, and be ahead of the curve with the hospitals we work with. We want to be the ones providing them with all the information they need from the get-go.”


In 2015, TOINJ added three new surgeons and expanded into new office locations. They plan to continue growing in 2016, bringing on two new surgeons in the fall. “Surgimate will enable our practice to expand, without needing to add more scheduling staff,” concluded Orchard.


TOINJ will go live with Surgimate in June of 2016. Learn more about TOINJ here.

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