Top 4 Ways to Appreciate Your Surgical Coordinators

Top 4 Ways to Appreciate Your Surgical Coordinators

Top 4 Ways to Appreciate Your Surgical Coordinators

When isn’t it a great time to show some employee appreciation — surgical coordinators specifically? From our perspective, surgical coordinators have a unique role that helps keep every practice running and patients happy.

From scheduling surgeries to tracking tasks, talking to insurance and patients to keeping the surgeons happy and busy, coordinators deserve their own recognition. Appreciating employees can also encourage them to stay with your practice and attract new talent to apply.

What Management Thinks

Employee appreciation with chocolate

In our survey, healthcare managers voted on their ideas to show surgical coordinators appreciation. Twenty-five percent thought giving shout-outs and kudos was the best while the rest voted to treat their surgical coordinators with sweets and chocolate.

Employee appreciation isn’t easy, so we sat down with some coordinators and talked through what actually makes them feel valued and appreciated. 

What Surgical Coordinators Actually Want

Real surgical coordinators agreed on these four ways that made them feel appreciated.

Listen, Build Trust, and Encourage Innovation

Set time aside to listen to your surgical coordinators. They interact with surgeons and patients, so they have great insight into how your business functions.

Employee appreciation by talking with employees

Building trust and allowing surgical coordinators ownership over their work helps surgical coordinators feel like they’re a key part of the practice – which they are.

Provide Proportionate Compensation

When your surgical coordinators are going above and beyond multiple weeks in a row, it’s worth some recognition, and not more work or a free pizza at lunch. Try implementing a monthly or yearly bonus for great work.

Kind Words

Encourage surgeons to interact with surgical coordinators in a kind and respectful manner. Show recognition, in the office, on social media, or in private for milestones like handling change, consistent improvement, professional development, or demonstrating your practice’s values.

Provide A Helping Hand

Employee appreciation with teamwork

It would be nice to use that saved-up paid time off. Make sure you have protocols for surgical coordinators’ sick days and PTO. Whether it’s extra assistance from other surgical coordinators or implementing Surgimate.

Other Times To Show Surgical Coordinators Appreciation

Employee appreciation should be on your mind throughout the year. Note these dates to help keep it on your radar:

  • Surgical Coordinators Day (October 12)
  • Employee Appreciation Day (first Friday in March)
  • Administrative Professionals Week (the last full week of April)

Support surgical coordinators everywhere by sharing our petition for Surgical Coordinators Day.

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