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June 14, 2018
Surgimate Welcomes Athens Area Urology to the Family

Surgimate welcomes Athens Area Urology as another urological practice to add Surgimate Practice™ to their workflow. Athens were looking for an all-in-one system to help track surgical statuses. As part of their search, they wanted a system that would fully integrate with their Greenway PM/EHR system. Using an API, Surgimate will interface with Greenway and provide  Athens Area Urology a holistic view of their entire practice and enable them to better manage their workload. Athens will launch Surgimate Practice™ by the end of the Summer of 2018.

April 12, 2018
Surgimate’s new cloud application brings order to the chaos of surgical coordination

NEW YORK, NEW YORK (PRWEB)  Surgimate LLC is proud to announce the launch of Surgimate Practice, a cloud-based application that enables administrators to streamline care coordination within surgical practices, and communicate with vendors, surgical centers, and other stakeholders in real-time.


Practice is an all-new cloud based version of the company’s pioneering application for surgical coordination, already used by 1000 providers nationwide to process upwards of 350,000 surgical events per year.


The new cloud application will be publicly unveiled at the upcoming American Association of Orthopedic Executives (AAOE) Annual Conference in Orlando, from April 14-17 (see details below).


‘We co-developed the new application with our clients based on the everyday challenges they face coordinating surgeries inside and outside the office’, said Yehuda Elizur, chief software architect at Surgimate. ‘We’re especially excited about the robust task engine we’ve added to this version, featuring a hierarchical trigger-based checklist I think schedulers are going to love.’


Designed as a turnkey solution for organizations already using EHR systems like athenahealth, Greenway, and AllScripts, Surgimate Practice imports patients’ demographic and clinical data, manages the internal task workflow across departments, shares the record of the surgical event with external stakeholders, and captures the charge for Billing once the surgery is completed.


Surgimate Practice is designed to address the complexity of modern surgery and the challenges faced by administrators as they struggle to coordinate the growing number of parties and paperwork involved in surgical events.


The new application achieves this in several key areas:


Creates a system of record for surgical events

Practice addresses the industry-wide problem posed by the fragmentation of data by gathering patient information scattered across multiple systems and formats and organizing it into a definitive record of the surgical event.


Shares critical information with stakeholders

Once a record is created, surgical coordinators can immediately share the information with surgeons, PAs and insurance staff, as well as with hospitals, operating facilities, and insurance carriers. Timely access to upcoming surgical events helps external parties, like medical equipment vendors, ensure on-schedule delivery of critical parts to the operating room.


Streamlines the surgical scheduling workflow

Practice replaces the hodgepodge of outdated tools and systems still used in back-offices across the industry with a paperless workflow. The application combines a shared surgical calendar with patient status tracking, alerts, automatic form generation, and business and productivity analytics. The upshot is faster and more efficient surgical scheduling, with less wastage and fewer cancellations.


Improves communication across departments

With practices working from different locations and surgeons operating from multiple facilities, it is vital for doctors to receive real-time updates of changes to the surgical schedule, block time allocation and patient status. Surgimate Practice lets surgeons access their schedule wherever they are through a native mobile application, receive updates, and communicate directly with the back-office.


Helps business managers make better informed decisions

Practice helps busy managers see the big picture with Productivity and Performance Reports – a set of analytical tools that help decision makers measure productivity, assign resources where they’re needed most, analyze surgical volume, and identify trends that may be harming the bottom line.


Surgimate Practice is available for both web and mobile, and is licensed on a subscription model.




About Surgimate LLC:

Surgimate develops software that makes it easier to manage information around surgeries. Their proprietary technology gathers data scattered across multiple systems and organizes them into a definitive record of the surgical event, which stakeholders can access through licensed applications. Surgimate’s products replace the hodgepodge of outdated tools associated with traditional back-office operations. Since 2010, the company has helped providers and vendors nationwide increase operational efficiency, reduced wastage, and improve quality of care for patients across all specialties.


Media Contact:

Jeremy Davis

Phone: 212-923-5225 ext 120

Email: jdavis@surgimate.com


Surgimate Practice launch event:

Booth 126

AAOE Annual Conference

April 14-17 2018

Hyatt Regency Orlando


SOURCE Surgimate LLC


March 31, 2018
London Women’s Care Selects Surgimate for their Surgical Calendar

London Women’s Care (LWC) is a multi-specialty facility offering services in OB/GYN, Internal Medicine, Family Practice, Pediatrics and Behavioral Health in Laurel County, Kentucky. They were looking into transitioning from a manual to digital surgical calendar. LWC chose Surgimate to provide them with one shared digital surgical calendar, that could be accessed by any staff member at any location. They found Surgimate’s HIPAA compliant surgical calendar fit their needs best, and will enable them to improve efficiency and transparency. You can read more about London Women’s Care’s story here.

March 31, 2018
MSK Group, P.C. will Begin Using Surgimate in Fall 2018

MSK Group, P.C., an integrated orthopaedic practice of 35 physicians serving Tennessee, will begin using Surgimate in the fall of 2018. MSK found Surgimate when they began searching for a surgical charge capture tool that was part of a surgical scheduling platform. Surgimate checked off all of their major needs including a standardized workflow across all locations and charge capture functionality that can push data back into their EHR/PM system, athenahealth. MSK will use Surgimate to automate their surgical charge capture process, and increase reimbursements.

February 15, 2018
ORA Orthopedics Joins Surgimate’s Growing Base of Orthopaedic Practices

ORA Orthopedics, a 25 surgeon practice, is the latest practice to join Surgimate’s growing base of orthopaedic practices. ORA was looking for a surgical scheduling platform to be implemented across their seven locations in Iowa and Illinois. They were excited to learn that Surgimate will streamline their processes for surgical scheduling and provide data for business insights into their practice. ORA will drastically reduce scheduling time for each surgery by using Surgimate’s powerful form generation tool. You can read more about how ORA Orthopedics is the largest and most comprehensive orthopedic and sports medicine practice in the Quad Cities here.

January 22, 2018
Surgimate is Proud to Welcome Orthopedic Associates

Surgimate is proud to welcome Orthopedic Associates (OA), a 7 surgeon physician-owned practice based in Denver, Colorado. OA was having trouble reporting about canceled surgeries, available block time and other critical data to help the practice run more efficiently. They used multiple systems to track and schedule surgeries, and this caused numerous cases to fall between the cracks. OA selected Surgimate to be their one centralized location to manage every aspect of their surgery scheduling. With Surgimate, managers will be able to easily access the information they need in order to make better business decisions. It will also give schedulers the ability to identify canceled surgeries and fill empty slots in the surgeons’ block time. Surgimate will launch at OA in the summer of 2018.

January 4, 2018
Austin Retina Associates Have Signed with Surgimate to Automate their Surgical Scheduling Process

Austin Retina Associates, an eight surgeon group in Texas, have signed with Surgimate to automate their surgical scheduling process. Austin Retina had dozens of forms that needed to be manually completed for any given surgery. Additionally, there was not enough transparency and communication between departments. Surgimate’s form generation tool will significantly reduce booking time per surgery, while the reporting features will give managers the ability to review surgery data and identify trends. The cloud platform will also enable each department to see the status of each surgery and know what steps need to be taken in order to complete the booking. You can read more about how Austin Retina Associates services Austin, Texas here.

orange county urology associates
December 27, 2017
Orange County Urology Associates Selects Surgimate to Solve Surgical Workflow & Tracking Issues.

Orange County Urology Associates(OCUA) has selected  Surgimate to solve their surgical workflow and tracking issues. OCUA, a 10 surgeon urology practice based in Laguna Hills, California, had trouble tracking surgeries scheduled across their 6 locations. Each scheduler had their own scheduling processes, which meant that if one of the schedulers was out of the office or unavailable, other staff and management were left in the dark and unable to identify the status of these cases. Orange County Urology Associates will use Surgimate to standardize their workflow across all locations, which will enable any staff member to login and instantly identify the status of a surgical case.

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