OR Essentials: Why Your Practice Needs Digital Preference Cards for Surgery

OR Essentials: Why Your Practice Needs Digital Preference Cards for Surgery

If you’ve ever wondered about the secret sauce that keeps surgical procedures running seamlessly, you’re in the right place. Preference cards are personalized checklists that turn surgical teams into efficient machines. 

Let’s take a look at how our example doctors, Dr. Hay, the experienced surgeon, and Dr. JD, the practice’s newest addition, use preference cards. No matter who is getting scrubbed up, preference cards ensure that procedures unfold with precision. 

What Are Preference Cards? 

Preference cards are like each surgeon’s personalized blueprints for each procedure they perform. They’re a key tool in the utility belt of your surgical team, ensuring that each doctor has the right supplies and equipment at their fingertips. 

Dr. JD, the practice’s newest surgeon, likes to use the latest and greatest tools to find the best ways that work for him. On the other hand, Dr. Hay, the seasoned surgeon, gets things done quickly with the tools she has become acquainted with over the years. Every tool is meticulously chosen for maximum efficiency. 

Why Are Preference Cards Used? 

surgeon putting on gloves specified by preference cards for surgery

Preference cards streamline the surgical process by preparing everything a surgeon needs well in advance. This helps avoid delays, keeps physicians satisfied, ensures patient safety, and helps forecast supplies. 

Imagine Dr. JD stepping into the operating room. Thanks to his preference card, everything is neatly laid out, from his medium-sized gloves to specialized instruments. Now, contrast this with a scenario where the surgery is delayed because the OR ran out of medium gloves just one hour ago.  

What’s Included In a Surgical Preference Card? 

Whether on a clipboard, Excel sheet, or a surgical coordination platform, preference cards include details like: 

  • Types and sizes of gloves 
  • On-hand supplies 
  • Specialty supplies  
  • Instruments  
  • Medication 
  • Preparation tasks  
  • Patient positioning 

Some surgical teams can even dive into specific steps of each procedure – even outlining what kind of stitch the doctor will complete. Dr. Hay’s preference cards even include her musical preference for each procedure.  

How to Make Preference Cards?