Athenahealth’s Remarkable Interoperability: The Key to Efficient Surgical Scheduling

Athenahealth's Remarkable Interoperability: The Key to Efficient Surgical Scheduling

In the fast-paced world of healthcare, the advent of Electronic Health Records (EHRs) has revolutionized record-keeping and patient care. However, for surgical practices, managing scheduling efficiently has remained a challenge.  

Many EHRs provide their scheduling tools, but they often fall short of the expectations. Athenahealth, on the other hand, stands out as a remarkable EHR system for its generous interoperability. Athenahealth’s marketplace (formerly More Disruption Please (MDP) Program and ‘MDP Labs’) is a great example of its efforts to collaborate for the betterment of its clients. 

surgical coordinator using athenahealth and Surgimate

Athenahealth’s Amazing Interoperability 

Athenahealth has advanced interoperability, offering complete control and transparency when integrated with applications like Surgimate. This means that athenahealth serves as the “one source of truth,” allowing Surgimate to update the EHR in real time. 

Athenahealth for Exceptional Surgical Scheduling 

A surgical order from athenahealth is sent to Surgimate which fills in all the critical information. This includes details such as: 

Surgimate goes above and beyond by pre-filling surgery orders with preferences. This can include preferences like location and time, saving up to 50% of the time typically spent on surgical scheduling.  

surgical coordinator connecting surgimate to athenahealth

Surgimate integrates with many popular EHRs. But, due to athenahealth’s exceptional interoperability, the smoothest and most efficient integration is athenahealth’s EHR. 

Above and Beyond Pre-Surgery Coordination 

Athenahealth and Surgimate’s synergy goes beyond scheduling surgery. They work together on a range of surgery-related events, including: 

  • Pre- and post-operative appointments 
  • Equipment scheduling 
  • Billing codes 
  • Optimizing OR block time 

The combo eases the creation of custom patient letters, which enhances the patient experience. What sets this collaboration apart is its ability to track a patient’s records and lab results. It ensures that surgical coordinators have the most updated information in the Surgimate platform. 

Finalizing the Details 

Once a scheduler reviews all the imported information collected by Surgimate, it’s time to schedule the surgery date. Surgimate provides an easy and efficient checklist of pre-surgery tasks, streamlining the process and reducing the chances of errors. Something your EHR doesn’t do. 

surgeon thumbs up gloves

Surgimate also simplifies the communication between surgeons and billing teams. The Surgimate app helps doctors confirm codes and then syncs to athenahealth. This billing ticket includes CPT codes, applicable modifiers, diagnoses, and authorization information. 

Athena and Surgimate Synergy 

The synergy between athenahealth and Surgimate is, well “great” doesn’t quite cover it. Amazing, transformative, cutting edge. By saving up to 50% of surgical scheduling time, coordinators can finally breathe. The new time window can benefit your practice by:  

  • Re-booking canceled surgeries  
  • Enhancing customer service  
  • Proactively managing upcoming cases 

With the right setup of Surgimate and athenahealth, the days of lost orders and overwhelmed staff are a thing of the past. Surgical practices can operate more efficiently. Surgical coordinators can experience less burnout. Your practice can provide better care for patients.  

The integration between athenahealth and Surgimate isn’t just about technology. It’s about empowering healthcare professionals to focus on what matters most – the well-being of patients. 

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