Surgimate Wrapped: 2023 By the Numbers 

Surgimate Wrapped: 2023 By the Numbers 

Surgimate’s 2023 Year – Wrapped 

It’s been a year. At Surgimate, we’re thankful for our peers, customers, and surgical coordinators across the globe. Let’s look at Surgimate’s 2023 year by the numbers. 

Surgimate 2023 by the numbers

The Surgimate Team Traveled, Grew, And Made A Podcast 

A kid listening to SurgiSnacks podcast

We may have seen you at one of the 13 industry conferences and events including Momentum, OrthoConnect, NextGen UGM, or Thrive. Unintentionally, we grew our team by one new SurgiStar (aka new employee) for each event.

A woman holding balloons in the shape of 1 and 3

If we did see you at a conference, hopefully, you had the chance to listen to the 119 minutes of SurgiSnacks on Spotify, YouTube, or Apple. Al and Justin have a great time creating those morsels of tasty insights and bite-sized episodes that feature actionable insights and real-world examples to help your surgical practice. 

We talked about those podcasts and so much more in the 6,180 minutes of all-team video meetings. We also discussed our values, got to know each other better, and discussed what makes our customers great. 

Two people on a video call

Surgimate Platform Changed, Updated, And Improved 

With over a million Surgimate Platform desktop and almost half a million Surgimate Platform mobile logins, the Status Tracker was busy tracking tasks, generating tens of thousands of forms, and saving literal days of surgical coordination to make your practice run more efficiently.  

The Surgimate App saw over two hundred downloads on Android and Apple (we love you both equally).  

The result? More than 600,000 surgeries were created using the Surgimate Platform. 

A cake with the number 1 celebrating Surgimate's migration to AWS

We can’t move on until we’ve discussed the one big migration to AWS for improved performance and speed with the same HIPAA security. You may have seen a few emails about this. It was a huge – and successful – lift for our team.  

Adding to the list of improvements, we made eight major updates throughout 2023, making the platform you use even better now than it was in January. It’s our pleasure. 

Your Special Day 

While we have attended events, hired new employees, and made great improvements before, there’s one completely new thing we’ve done this year. We created, promoted, and started the very first Surgical Coordinators Day in 2023, getting over 250 supporters and growing. 

Brainchild of Rebecca Brygel, CEO and Founder of Surgimate, Surgical Coordinators Day spotlights and honors the unsung heroes in our industry – surgical coordinators everywhere.  

And speaking of the spotlight, we hosted three Surgical Coordinators on SurgiSnacks, Jacqueline Wertman, Cammie McKissick, and Nicole Tovatt. 

We loved all the in-person shoutouts, handshakes, and social posts for #SurgicalCoordinatorsDay. We hope to celebrate with you on October 12, 2024. 

Until then, happy New Year! 

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