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115 surgical facilities

92 office locations

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Implemented uniform digitized


Integrated with 3 digital systems in the practice’s workflow

Eliminated 2 systems from surgical scheduling workflow

Adopted by IBJI’s ASCs for streamlined processes

We have gained countless efficiencies through using Surgimate Practice. The automation of all the processes around surgery scheduling & coordination provides us with a huge boost in productivity.

Surgimate Practice enables us to stay ahead of the game and monitor the coordination & scheduling process. Surgimate Practice’s dashboard highlights what is needed for each case, and has really helped staff manage the patient’s care so much more effectively. I hands down recommend Surgimate.

Clara Joyce

Administrator - Libertyville division

Erica Hernandez

Project Manager

NEAR NORTH divisions (Glenview, Morton Grove & Bannockburn)


The Illinois Bone & Joint Institute (IBJI) is the largest orthopedic practice in Illinois and one of the largest practices in the country. IBJI also has 92 office locations as well as self-owned ASCs across Chicago and the northern suburbs of Illinois.

In 2016 many processes around their surgery scheduling and coordination workflow were still manual. As a result, managers had minimal visibility into data, and there was a lack of transparency across the practice.

Schedulers used a paper calendar book per surgeon, and so became the gatekeepers for the schedule. This made it extremely challenging to manage, especially if schedulers were off sick or on vacation. In some divisions, the insurance team were literally “climbing the stairs” to obtain paperwork so they could process authorizations. When the authorization was finally obtained, the paper had to be physically moved back to the schedulers. Added to this, most of the forms were completed by hand, making them illegible at times and always inefficient. While some divisions had certain precertification processes digitized, there was still no standardized methodology, with many limitations on the systems in place. This made coding and collections challenging, and lacked the optimization needed for such a large organization.

As IBJI continued to expand and merge with other practices across Illinois, the management recognized a need to ensure that workflows around surgery scheduling were streamlined, automated and scalable.


Looking to scale and grow their business, the management team at IBJI selected Surgimate Practice to streamline their surgical workflows, improve processes, and create a hub for all surgical data.

Communicate through

Surgimate Practice


patient care

Due to the complexity of each surgery and the multiple moving parts and staff involved, the checklist in Surgimate Practice is used to track tasks and communicate any information around the surgery. All teams involved in the surgical coordination process - whether it’s the schedulers, clinical coordinators, precertification staff, workers comp or billing - utilize the checklist to prioritize their upcoming tasks and communicate when they are completed. This means any team member can identify the status of each element of any surgical case within seconds.

Customized surgery packets are generated out of Surgimate Practice. These are handed to patients after their initial meeting with the surgeon. The packets contain all pre- and post- surgery information clearly laid out with customized information about their procedure. All pre-surgery appointments and tests are immediately scheduled and listed for the patient in the packet, so that everything is organized and handed to them before they leave the office. A follow-up call is made a few days later to ensure the patient understands everything as well as to schedule their post-op appointments.  

Follow-up with patients

undecided about surgery

Inbound and Outbound

Interoperability with 3 systems

Surgimate integrates with IBJI’s Practice Management (Allscripts PM) and EHR, (SRS Health), importing many data points (demographic, insurance, and medical history information). This eliminates duplicate data entry and ensures accuracy. After staff have completed the surgical booking, forms generated in Surgimate Practice, can be printed and automatically sent to the EHR. After the surgery details are finalized, the case is sent to the surgeons’ Google Calendar via API so surgeons can access their schedule and receive updates in real-time.

IBJI staff use the follow-up feature to track patients who are still unsure about proceeding with surgery. These patients are assigned to a follow-up list that includes a target follow-up date and the reason for patient hesitancy. That way, schedulers can assess the list and proactively follow-up with patients when the time is appropriate. Many times that follow-up call is the best catalyst to remind the patient to meet with the surgeon again and schedule their surgery.

Providers regularly

use the Surgimate App

Increase staff


The performance tracking features in Surgimate Practice enable management to monitor how efficiently the surgery travels through the workflow. Managers have data about time elapsed between the patient meeting the surgeon and completing the surgical booking, how quickly authorization was obtained, or how long it takes the surgery to achieve other milestones in the workflow. 

The PAs & RNs use the Surgimate App to see their schedules, so they know where they need to be and what’s on their agenda. Being part of such a large organization with multiple office locations and surgical facilities, it can be challenging for clinical staff to keep track of the lineup. With the Surgimate App, staff can access this information anytime, anywhere and know exactly where they need to be and when. 


Surgimate’s software streamlines the surgical coordination workflow, enabling practices to book surgeries faster, maximize blocktime, and capture untapped revenue. All information around surgeries is stored in a centralized location, and connects schedulers, managers, insurance, surgeons and billing through a single unified workflow. Surgimate has processed over 1.5 million surgeries across practices in 38 states covering orthopedics, ophthalmology, urology, ENT, and gynecology.

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