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We’re delighted to announce the launch of a brand-new cloud application that promises to make surgical management easier for everyone involved. It might even make it fun.

Surgimate Practice replaces ESRM, the legacy client-server application that’s been powering surgical scheduling workflows in practices nationwide since the late 2000s. We will continue to support existing ESRM customers but will cease to implement the solution. Sorry ESRM, time’s up. Surgeries have become more chaotic to coordinate, information technology has exploded, and APIs are usurping HL7 in a marketplace driven economy. We’ve moved to the cloud like everyone else.

We soft launched the new application several months ago on a handful of adventerous customers. Now that we’ve ironed out some initial bugs, it’s time to unleash Practice on the world.

What’s new and better about Practice

Practice’s cloud-based architecture guarantees low-cost scalability in an industry defined by mega-mergers and a growing number of practices operating from multiple locations.

You no longer need to buy a dedicated server or fork out for database licenses, as Practice uses open source technology.

Your can log into Practice from any browser, anywhere, and share information across all your teams and departments.

Our new API allows for deeper, faster and lower-cost integration with third-party vendors and marketplaces. Transferring patient data between the Surgimate platform and your legacy EHR and PM systems has never been easier.

Practice offers an intuitive and streamlined user experience, designed to reduce the number of actions required for everyday tasks and provide maximise oversight and accountability.

Practice lets each practice tailor the workflow within the application to its needs.

Improved charge capture. No longer limited to surgeons via the mobile app, now PAs and other providers can add confirmation codes via the desktop application, too.

Customizable workflow allows each practice to tailor the application to their needs.

Mobile access for doctors to their surgical surgical schedules, patient information and clinical data via Surgimate App, a native mobile application for iOS and Android. The App provides users HIPAA compliant integration with their personal calendars.

Task driven user experience

We’ve divided the application into six main task-driven sections:


The opening screen of the application, Home provides a visual snapshot of key performance indicators for schedulers and managers, such as the number of surgeries per provider and per given time period, the number of surgeries performed per month, and the number of scheduler tasks in a given time period.



Agenda is a robust tasking engine for managing surgeries. Incorporating a hierarchical trigger-based checklist, it shows staff the tasks they need to complete on any given day, including sub-steps for a more granular picture of the real amount of work required. Managers use Agenda to monitor team performance and reassign resources in the event of staff shortages or shifting workloads.


This section offers managers and staff a bird’s eye view of the status of all tasks in the system. We’ve introduced new color-coded iconography to make it easier than ever to process information visually, and with the system automatically determining task status, there’s less chance of human error.



Redesigned to be bigger, clearer, and more user friendly, we’ve added a List view for a quick chronological snapshot of all upcoming calendar events. Speaking of, we’ve also added expanded functionality for non-surgical events are, such as …


Records of all the surgical events stored in the system can be found here. A hierarchical checklist makes short shrift of searching for a particular event. Once found, all information surrounding the surgery – medical hx, testing, diagnoses, and so forth – can be easily accessed using a side toolbar.



Like the patient card in the system, you can see all the information imported from third-party systems for each patient.

More functionality on mobile, too

Built from scratch, Surgimate App is the first mobile application to offer HIPAA integration with personal calendars. It does this by sending surgical events to the calendar without the PHI. When the surgeon clicks on event, it launches inside Surgimate App with all the PHI intact. Oh, and we’ve also improved charge capture functionality – good news for surgeons and billing staff.

Migration for existing customers

ESRM customers who wish to upgrade to Surgimate Practice should contact us to arrange a demo of the new application, and to discuss migration timeframes.

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