Success stories

With Surgimate, scheduling surgeries takes us one quarter of the time that it used to!

logo_1 Theresa Fischman Surgical Scheduler The Orthopaedic Group

Surgimate has helped our large and high-volume practice reduce operational costs and maximize surgical revenue.

logo_11 Rob SimpsonExecutive Director Princeton Orthopaedic Associates

With Surgimate, I can access my surgical schedule on my smartphone any time. Surgimate has significantly improved our communication, benefitting our entire practice.

logo_3 James P. Aplington, MD F.A.A.O.S.,F.A.C.S General Orthopaedics, Greensboro Orthopaedics

Since our high-volume practice implemented Surgimate in 2012, we have nothing but praise for their support teams. Our experience with Surgimate continues to be very positive and their service has been exceptional.

logo_4 Stephanie Harbeson Project Manager – EMR Ridgewood Orthopedic Group

Surgimate empowers my surgical scheduler to streamline her work. It is an excellent investment that paid for itself in no time.

logo_5 Eric Lichtenstein, M.D. Ophthalmic Surgeon Ped Eye MD

Workflow Analysis pointed out very clearly how many steps there are to get a patient to surgery and how much time we were wasting pushing paper around.

logo_6 Teresa Bailey Surgery Scheduling Manager Willamette ENT

With Surgimate, patients leave the office with all surgical details organized and neatly listed for them. It has improved their overall surgery experience and patient care.

logo_7 Cindy Labreck Surgical Scheduler orthoNY

Surgimate has significantly reduced costs and ensures our patients receive timely information, premium service and the very best care.

logo_8 Philip P. Rosenthal CEO NY Orthopedics

Surgimate has cut surgical scheduling time by 50%. Before Surgimate, a busy day was scheduling 8-10 patients. Today, we process 20-25 patients a day with ease.

logo_9 Mary Radke, R.N. Surgery Center Manager Dakota Eye Institute

Surgimate's reporting features enable me to see how many surgeries are scheduled, postponed, or cancelled and if there are any trends emerging.

logo_10 Margie Kelly Manager Mid-Maryland Musculoskeletal Institute

Since we implemented Surgimate, we have been able to add two new surgeons without adding any support staff.

logo_2 Stephen Maddock Practice Manager Orthopaedic Associates of Central Maryland

Surgimate is a very user-friendly system, we schedule 1500 surgical cases per year - it doubles to triples the surgical coordinator’s productivity.

logo_12 Alan E. Solinsky, MD Ophthalmic Surgeon Solinsky EyeCare